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Found 158 Is Charging 50rmb Entry for World Cup Games Now
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In case you haven't heard, the sunken city, good sex positions video has instituted a 50rmb entry fee just to walk in the place during World Cup games. According to the property management, the initiative comes as a request from the police to combat the overcrowding that's been happening during the matches. Perhaps the initiative also comes as a response to said property management's own desire to make a bit of extra scratch during the games as well. Just perhaps! That's just idle speculation! In response to that, the actual business owners in the F&B complex -- the venues that are drawing the crowds -- are offering up a one-time buy-one-get-one-free deal for people who purchased entry tickets. Please note! The entry fee gets put in place an hour or two before the games begin. If you get down there before that, you don't have to pay the entry fee. Specific times after the jump.

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When The Overcrowding Tax is Levied

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