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skin rash after sex If you have bought tickets from lesbian sex in bed and have a question regarding your booking or delivery, please see your emo girl nude gallery or our homemade amatuer sex pics with Phone and Email contact details.

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  • Buy and Sell FAQ

    • I successfully submitted a listing, but can not see it on the site

      porn star cassidy clay All submissions have to be approved by our admins before they appear on the site. On weekdays we approve listings within 2-3 hours, on weekends and public holidays it might take a bit longer.

  • Dating FAQ

    • How can I delete my dating profile

      free nude movie star We’re sorry to see you leave, but hope you enjoyed your time with our Dating service. You can manually delete your dating profile right here:

      rachel star porn video

    • Can I block others from seeing my profile ?

      naked women with boobs Under "Settings > Privacy" you can provide a list of email addresses of users that shouldn't be able to see you, as well as a list of usernames that you'd like to prevent from seeing your profile.

  • Directory FAQ

    • I need to update my venue listing

      white discharge during sex Venue listings are part of the editorial content and uploaded/edited directly by our Editors and Listings Managers. Users can not edit content directly. If you are associated with a venue and would like to report mistakes, or request changes, please use the "Report Mistakes" button in the related venue listing. Events and Promotions can be submitted by every user for any venue.

  • Events FAQ

    • Why isn't my event on SmartShanghai yet

      left for dead naked Listing events usually takes us 3-5 working days, so plan ahead. If you submit an event the day before an event, there is a strong chance your event will NOT get listed. Please remember that we do not list every event that gets submitted.

      You will receive a private message in your SmartShanghai Inbox once your listing has been published (or rejected). Please do not resubmit your event -- this will not expedite the process. If your event is far in the future, the approval process might take longer, as upcoming events for this and next week have priority. SmartShanghai advertisement clients also get priority approval.

      Thanks for your patience, and for taking the time to submit your events to SmartShanghai!

    • I'm not happy with the event description for my event as it appears on the webpage. It's different from what I submitted.

      melina perez naked tits {website_name}'s events listings are curated by our editorial staff. What this means is that we accept event submissions and rewrite the promotional text we get them in to fit our editorial format -- we tend to excise PR speak or hyperbolic language in communicating the details of said event. We try to add a third party perspective to our events listings.

      You're running a house music night with you and your friends at some club? Fine. It probably doesn't need to be in all caps shouted from the rooftops.

      If you're unhappy with the way your event appears on {website_name} we're more than happy to delete it for you. Drop us a quick email below and we can remove your listing ASAP.

    • Why don't we list every event?

      dustin lance black naked Every day we receive between 20-50 event submissions. We simply cannot list all of these, for several reasons. As a "curated" website, we believe that a smaller selection of higher quality events is better for our readers. We filter out poorly organized events, events that have no description, events that our readers probably will not be interested in, illegal events such as public gatherings, and "events" that are really just a tool to sell something, such as set menus and classes. This will always be our policy.

      We will try to provide a rejection email if we do not list your event, but we do not always have time. Again, resubmitting your event will not help.

  • Housing FAQ

    • What does "Reliable" refer to on housing listings

      lesbian romance short stories From our experience agency listings on property websites fall into 3 categories. To make our listings as user-friendly and transparent as possible, we are asking agencies to provide honest information about where they received the information from, and how likely it is that the apartment listed is real, and available:

      homemade amateur sex tape A Sample Listing (30%)

      - The agency has received the pictures from somewhere else (e.g another website)
      - The agency has not yet visited this apartment
      - The agency has not verified if this apartment currently is available
      - The agency does not have the key to this apartment

      66 cent phone sex A Real Listing (60%)

      - The agency has taken the pictures or received them from the landlord directly
      - The agency has visited this apartment at least one and can confirm that all information is correct
      - The agency does not have exclusive access to this property and can not guarantee availability at any time
      - The agency does not have the key

      hidden cameras naked women A Real, 100% Confirmed Listing (100%)

      - The agency has taken the pictures
      - The agency has visited this apartment at least one and can confirm that all information is correct
      - The agency confirms the availability of the apartment while listed on this site
      - The agency has the key to the apartment

      Please note that SmartShanghai does not verify this information, and we ask our members to report false classifications to us.

    • I'm still looking to rent my apartment. How can I push my listing back to the top of the list?

      free homemade porn clip Okay.

      This is how it works. Three days after your first submission, our system will automatically send you a reminder email to your registered email. This email contains links that allow you to either delete your listing (if the apartment has already been rented out) or to push it back to the top of the list.

      There's no need to re-submit the information. By clicking the link, you are moving the existing listing back to the first position on the list.

      After you've pushed the listing back to the top of the list, you will receive two more emails within three days after each push, so, ultimately, you can push your listing up to three times.

      Please note: Private accounts can only post one listing. If you bypass this rule by using multiple accounts, you risk getting all your accounts and listings blocked and removed from the site.

    • 个人用户:为什么我的房源被删除

      free funny porn vids 个人用户,如出现如下几种情况,房源将被删除:
      1. 您是中介用户,非个人用户
      2. 您有多个账号
      3. 您发布的消息里面有敏感词汇(如:French Concession)
      4. 您发布的房源为宣传等其他用途
      5. 房源归类错误
      6. 非英文房源
      7. 您的账户有两条以上同样的房源

    • 如何成为Housing会员账户

      fucking and eating pussy 如需开通Housing会员,以发布多条房源信息,请点击 /contact/,我们会尽快处理您的申请。期间请注意查收您的注册邮箱,我们会以邮件形式沟通。

    • 如何联系SmartShanghai的售后支持

      random stuff in pussy 请通过这里与SmartShanghai取得联系,我们将尽快于1-2个工作日内处理:/housing/add, 请注意,对于Housing的事宜,我们不做电话支持,请您及时查看您的注册邮箱和SmartShanghai站内信箱。

    • 个人用户:为什么我的账户被屏蔽了

      dogs licking pussy video 个人用户,如出现如下几种情况,房源将被删除:
      1. 您是中介用户,非个人用户
      2. 您有多个账号
      3. 账户收到三次以上举报
      4. 您本人不在国内,但是要求客户先付款,之后再看房交接钥匙
      5. 使用夸张的语句,例如:“最好的”,“最快的”,“最有效的” 等词汇
      6. 使用与实际产品价格不符的价格

    • Listing归类错误而删除的情况如下

      free naked woman photos 1. 您的listing是shared apartment,错误的放在了apartment for rent里面

      2. 您标记的价格是单个房间的价格,不是整套房子的价格

      3. 您标记的价格错误(为房屋面积)

  • Jobs FAQ

    • How do i publish a job listing

      hardcore sex xxx videos To submit a job listing to {website_name}, follow the instructions on this page: free nude pics celebs

    • Can i post a job listing for free

      women sex with donkey To maintain the high quality of our listings we are charging a service fee for our job listings. We currently do not offer any free job listings.

    • How do I edit my job listing

      high quality porn online To maintain consistency in the quality and formatting of our listings, all listings are uploaded by our editors. To request changes to your listing, please email our listings managers. Contact information have been provided with the confirmation email of your job submission.

    • How and when will I receive my fapiao?

      african american sex video If you choose the "Cash on Delivery" option, then your fapiao will arrive at the same time that our company courier arrives at your office to collect payment.

      If you choose the "Bank Transfer" option, You will need to contact us at [email protected] You will need to email us the following information:

      1, Your job listing reference number
      2, The fapiao title
      3, Your delivery address
      4, Your contact name / phone number
      5, Your company tax number

      Our company couriers will deliver your fapiao directly to your office address within 3-5 business days of our finance team confirming receipt of payment.

      Note: some offices may be outside of our delivery zone. In these cases, our staff will send your fapiao via SF Express.

    • What kind of invoice (fapiao) can I receive?

      sex on spy cams We can issue: a) personal fapiao, b) standard fapiao titled with your company’s name, or c) VAT business fapiao. For VAT fapiao, our finance team will need these complete details:

      1) your registered company name

      2) company registration number

      3) name & number of company bank account

      4) company address & phone number

    • How long would it take to get the job posted successfully?

      hi res streaming porn It will takes 1-2 working days after we received the payment for your job listing.

    • Will my credits expire ?

      30 rock teen witch No, SmartShanghai job credits do not expire.

    • Can I post a job with a company name

      naked and sexy boys Yes, it's possible to post your job without displaying your company name to the public. However, you must reveal your company name to SmartShanghai when submitting your job listing to us. We won't share this information with anyone.

  • Sales & Marketing FAQ

    • I would like to have an article about my product on this site

      free hairy pussy xxx Firstly, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, {website_name} does not accept solicitation for content, paid or otherwise. All of our editorial content is conceived of by our editorial team who live in and critique this city, for our readers who do the same. Generally speaking, articles are selected by our editors from the pool of venue and event submissions, and all coverage is independent of paid advertisement.

      We do, however, love hearing from people who are up to new and exciting things in this city.. If you'd like to get in touch with our managing editor directly, please use the contact form to get in touch.

    • I want to cooperate with you to promote my event.

      dogs wife beth nude Firstly, thanks for the offer! Unfortunately, {website_name} does not directly work with events promoters and agencies on organization, marketing, logistics, or anything involved with planning and hosting events. We simply report on events and happenings around town without becoming directly involved ourselves.

      We would, however, love to hear what you've got planned. Please submit your event to us fat black tranny porn, and if it meets our criteria we will publish it on our event listings calendar and possible be in touch about feature it in the editorial section of the website.

  • SmartTicket FAQ

    • Can I choose a specific seat?

      cartoon porn free online Unfortunately, no. Ticketing systems in China vary from venue to venue, and many are not advanced enough to offer specific seat selection. The event promoters and venues that we work with currently have no systems in place that allow third party ticketing agents to access their respective floors plans. However, whenever you buy a ticket from us, you will automatically receive the best available seats within the category you've selected.

    • How do I pay for my tickets?

      big ass pussy fuck Upon delivery of your tickets, you may pay our delivery staff directly (either in cash, or with a local Union Pay card with pin code). We only accept payments made in Chinese yuan. If you need a company fapiao for your purchase, then please email us.

    • Can I pay online with a credit card?

      jessy james porn star Unfortunately, no. We've been working to implement an online payment system, but due to the nature of risk management and licensing issues with online payments made within China, it looks like this won't be available anytime in the near future.

    • What happens if the show gets cancelled? Will I get my money back?

      small tit porn movies Yes, SmartTickets always refunds ticket purchases if a show gets cancelled. This guarantee is one of the reasons that people choose to purchase through SmartTickets instead of less reliable sources. Please note, though, that we only refund the face value of the tickets, and not the 20rmb handling fee.

  • SmSh Android App FAQ

    • Does SmartShanghai have an app for Android phones

      olga kurylenko naked videos Good news, yes we have. Our brand new android app will launch on June 8th, 2016. If you are interested in testing the app before the launch, please get in touch through [email protected]

  • SmSh iPhone App FAQ

  • User Accounts FAQ

    • My account got blocked. What can I do ?

      video sex search engine {website_name} blocks accounts of users that violate our policies.

      The most common reasons why accounts get blocked are (just examples) if a user:

      • Has 2 (or more) accounts for posting on {website_name} housing

      • Has posted a commercial listing (housing, buy&sell ..) with a private account

      • Has sent offensive messages to other {website_name} members

      • Has used {website_name}'s private message system to send out commercial messages

      • Has sent out many identical private messages to {website_name} members

      If you believe your account has been blocked by mistake, please spying on nude beach, and we'll look into this.

    • How can I change my username

      black guy eating pussy Unfortunately usernames can't be changed.

    • I forgot the login for the user account for my restaurant/bar

      huge teen tits pics SmartShanghai does not have user accounts associated with venue listings. Every user can report mistakes to us through the "Report Mistakes" button in the venue listing. And any user can submit events for any venue (all listings have to be approved and validated by our editors).

    • I would like to delete my account

      fucking teen girls movies We're sorry to see you leave, but hope you enjoyed your time with us. To delete your account, click on "Settings" in the top-right corner (while being signed in) and then click the blue "Delete Account" next to the "Profile Settings" title. This will take you to a page where you can will permamently and irreversibly delete your account.